Stabilizing slopes and preventing landslides in samford valley, brisbane, australia

Field: Construction of Vetiver grass
Location: Samford Valley, Brisbane, Australia
Invester: Private
Expense: 20.000 USD
Acreage: 658 m2 with 2 main slopes and 3 others slopes
Status: complete
After the flood seasons, the house, which has a beautiful view at Samford Valley, got the serious safety issue due to the soil erosion. Prof Truong has been invited to do the project of slope stablisation and slope control for the house. The slope is firstly modified to 45-60 degree. The toe of slope was strengthened by stone. Geotextile mesh was used combined with planting vetiver. The vetiver system has developed to the height of 2m and root depth of 1.5m after 3 months. The Vetiver system help the house stable after 2 years, especially the biggest flood in 20 years in Australia in 2011