Construction of bac me hydropower vetiver - ha giang

Field: Construction of Vetiver grass
Location: Bac Me - Ha Giang Province
Invester: Construction Trade Corporation
Year completed: 2016
Status: complete
Bac Me - Ha Giang Hydroelectricity has a total installed capacity of 45 MW. The total average annual electricity: 197 million kWh, with a total investment of 1,454 billion; Number of units: 02 units. Construction site: Yen Phong and Phu Nam Communes, Bac Me District, Ha Giang Province. Construction unit of the main items: Song Da Joint Stock Company 5. At Bac Me Hydroelectricity with a large slope, taluy roof is reinforced with reinforced concrete beams and Vetiver grass to prevent landslides. In this project, SBTV company has used Vetiver grass to protect the slope, large area is a highly economical, aesthetic and environmentally friendly option. At the same time, short construction time soon put the works into use in accordance with the local climate and soil.