Planting vetiver grass on co dong road on son tra peninsula

Field: Construction of Vetiver grass
Location: Son Tra peninsula, Danang City
Invester: Danang City’s Ministry of military command
Expense: 200,000 USD
Acreage: 4 ha
Time: 6 tháng
Year completed: 2012
Status: complete
With the target of developing tourism on Son Tra peninsula also to ensure coastal security for Danang City, SBTV has joined force with Danang City’s Minstry of military command to plant Vetiver grass to consolidate mechanic road on the peninsula. Experts at SBTV proposed method of using Vetiver grass to stabilize road slopes, limit landslide, erosion in the flood and storm season. Our proposed method has been approved by chief investor based on the outstanding strength of Vetiver grass in term of price, technology, environmental friendliness and long-term sustainability.