Planting vetiver grass for slope stabilisation in tay giang

Field: Planting Vetiver
Location: Tay Giang
Invester: Tay Giang District’s Committee
Acreage: 2.580 m2
Status: complete
Tay Giang is a mountainous district in Quang Nam province which was established in 2003. By the Priority sponsor of the government, the facilities and  infrastructure are being upgradded in some recent years. However, due to the rugged mountainous terrain, serious erosion and landslides are happening, threatening the safety of buildings and people’s lives.
In June 2012, Construction & Advanced Technology Company SBTV has successfully partnered with Green Belt Technology & Enviroment Company to build Vetiver system for slope protection at A Vuong bridge, Tay Giang, Quang Nam. The project was completed and Vetiver has been growing in July 2012.