Coastal protection by sand bag technology (cua dai, hoi an)

Location: Novotel Imperial Resort, Hoi An
Invester: Ocean Group
Expense: 1,000,000 USD
Time: 4 months
Year completed: 2011
Status: complete
Climate change is affecting severely to Vietnam’s economy and people’s way of living, especially on the coastal area. In the beginning of 2011 SBTV has coorporated with Nguyen Tien Dat Pty Ltd to build groyne system and retaining wall by technological geology sandbags, this strategy helps to reduce waves’ energy before contacting the land, increase probability of sedimentation on the beach, prevent erosion, create land and stabilize sand on the inner side of groyne system. Our sand bag system has been stable after the super-storm ‘Ketsana’. In addtion, sand ground has been established, benefited chief investor with billions VND because of extended polders area.