Morito factory group (da nang)

Field: Construction
Location: Road No.6, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Da Nang City
Invester: Kane – M Da Nang Company Limited
Expense: 15.000.000 USD
Acreage: 24. 898 m2 with 8 industrial building
Status: complete
With advantages in socio-economic conditions, important stategic location, and strong support and cooperation from Danang People’s Committee, Morito Group decided to choose Danang for kicking off the construction project of a manufacture factory in subsidiary material for high-glass garment brands. The total investment capital is over 15 million US dollars. In this project, SBTV Company undertakes the construction of No.2 warehouse and Factory 2 office. In June 2011, the site was inspected, then the main contractor started doing the design, submission of shop drawings and execution of main work items. Until end of 2011, structures of some work items practically completed, preparing for the finishing and installation of apparatus. The factory is intended to be put in use and operated by mid 2012.