Determine the size axis targets Thoa river

Determine the size axis targets Thoa river in agricultural production | National Project.

Handling erosion of foundations pole

Handling erosion of foundations pole – 35KV 37DZ Ai Nghia – Que Trung.

Prof. Nguyen the hung

Technical Advisor

After graduating from Water Resources University Hanoi in 1989, Dr. Nguyen The Hung has continued tresearching and teaching at the Da Nang University of Technology.  He has been collaborating with famous universities such as University of Advanced Technology EST – Canada to do research in practice. In particular, some typical projects such as General mathematical model of saltwater intrusion in groundwater of coastal areas ; handling erosion of foundations pole-35KV 37DZ Ai Nghia – Que Trung; The transmission of tidal and saltwater intrusion on the Huong River. He has been recognized as Associate Professor in 1996 and Professor in 2005.   Currently, Prof. Nguyen The Hung is in charge of Research Coordinator in SBTV company, and advising about construction of irrigation and hydropower. DOWNLOAD CV