On 29th August, the seminar on introduction and preparation of the 6th international conference about Vetiver grass (IVC-6) is held in Danang city. According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Chairman of Danang City, this is a good opportunity for specialists, scientists to summarize the effectiveness, characteristics of Vetiver grass for its application into erosion prevention, environmental protection as well as promotion of economic effectiveness of this grass.

Dr. Narong Chonchalow, Thai Royal Office Advisor on Vetiver grass, Chairman of ICV countinuing Committee shares his experience at the seminar

According to Mr. Tran Van Man, Vietnam Vetiver Network Coordinator, Vetiver grass is considered as the ecological fence for erosion prevention because Vetiver grass is able to reduce water flow velocity, keep soil from outwash. In addtion, Vetiver grass can absorb poisonous chemicals and minerals, filter water, maintain soil moisture, and improve soil fertility. In order to make full advantage of Vertiver grass, it is necessary to promote the coordination among related agencies in combination with propaganda and enhancement of community‘s awareness about the importance of Vetiver grass for their protection, care and maintenance of Veriver grass, prohibit of clearing Vetiver grass for farming land.

Vetiver grass has been developed by the World Bank (WB) for the purpose of soil protection and water resources for agriculture since 1980s. During the past 20 years, Vetiver grass has been grown in more than 100 tropical and subtropical countries from Ocenia, Asia, Afica, to Latin America to treat waste water (both household and industrial waste water), and treat waste matters in mining areas or contaminated areas.

Satisfactory results may only be achieved on the condition that Vetiver grass is designed and applied properly.

In Vietnam, Vetiver has been grown since 1999 and now grown in more than 50 provinces/cities. In Danang city, this grass has been applied since 1999 for slope stabilization, erosion prevention at roads along Son Tra mountain, Co Co river in Hoa Quy ward, etc. Vetiver grass is used not only for mitigation of disaster effect, but also for many economical benefits such as for oiliness extraction, handicraft production.

Representatives of Danang City’s PC, Consecutive Organization Committees of Vetiver Grass International Conference, University of Danang, SBTV Construction & Advanced Technology Limited Company and Vietravel sign the Memorandum of Understanding for the sixth International Conference on Vetiver Grass.

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