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Since establishment, we have created professional teams in finding the best solutions for our clients. Our team is filled with well qualified, motivated and experienced professionals who are always seeking better outcomes in all deliverable aspects. We are committed to providing attention to details and appreciate the needs of our clients and the lasting and rewarding impact of the project on its occupants. At SBTV we deliver quality projects on time and within budget. This is the cornerstone we have built our reputation on.

Capacity Profile


We took the initiative in applying international standards in management and construction. We learn and develop advanced technology in the world to apply in certain conditions in Vietnam. These solutions will be achieved at the maximum effectiveness in economy-technology and environment. We increasingly communicate, cooperate with contractors, organizations, universities, research institutions, and top experts to improve knowledge and update new technology.


Since establishment, SBTV had built strong relationships with strategic clients such as: Trung Nam Group, Danang city’s management board and others. With fast pace of developing, we believe that our experienced engineers, architect teams and skilled technicians will soon establish the brand to become trusted partner of clients.


Human resource is the top priority and most important factor to make us stand out. At SBTV, we believe that business’s success is based on solidarity’s power of a team. Hence, we always strive to create an active working environment for our staff, to promote creativity from each member. With an experienced management board including experts around the world, SBTV is gradually building a  organization in managing and operating business, to create premise to form a strong firm in the future.


SBTV continues to move forward and become the leading Engineering and Construction firm in Vietnam and eventually the Asian region, while delivering projects that consistently meet international standards.